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On May 22, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) announced a profit payout to the Government of India (GOI) of Rs 99,122 crore (991.22 billion) for the 2020-21 bookkeeping year (AY), a nine-month (July-March) period as not the same as the year (July-June) design the RBI had been following till 2019-20. The switch-over was made to adjust the… Read More »

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Jablipora, Anantnag: On the evening of May 29, Mehrajudin Bhat was talking with Sanjeed Ahmad Parray outside a supermarket in the Parraypora territory of this south Kashmir town. Mehrajudin’s sibling was additionally visiting nearby with his companions. A bike ended close to them. “Are you Sanjeed?” asked an equipped man in dark pants, riding pillion. His dark shirt… Read More »

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Prior tenants of the workplace of the Chief Justice of India (CJI) have had brief period to express their legal way of thinking in decisions so not long after accepting office. Either regulatory obligations have overpowered them, or they have had restricted freedoms to do as such during their short residencies, directed by the way that they resign… Read More »

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New Delhi: The Delhi high court on Monday permitted the development work of the Central Vista undertaking to keep, saying it was a “crucial and fundamental” public task. A seat of Chief Justice D.N. Patel and Justice Jyoti Singh excused a request trying to stop the task during the Covid pandemic, saying the appeal was “spurred” and “not… Read More »

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girl 12 understudies are confronting outrageous degrees of nervousness, stress and delayed vulnerability yet foundations that need to mind appear to be oddly uninterested. Admitting to a TV anchor one understudy as of late said that they watch eagerly as gatherings, gatherings, and more gatherings are held yet no choices taken. It leaves them sorrowful, as the ‘mann… Read More »